Pointe Shoes

Famous all over the world Grishko pointe shoes are the most customized pointe shoes on the market.

28 models developed according to the foot types and dancer’s experience. Variety of sizes, shanks and widths allow any adult ballet dancer, student or kid to find ideal pair of shoes from preparatory to professional.

Official grishkoshop.com has famous Grishko 2007, Dream Pointe, Maya, Demi-pointe from 3-steps-to-a-dream line, and even the newest StarPointe! Buy any dance shoes from stock or place an order for colored, vegan or custom-made pointe shoes.

Grishko motto - LIVE YOUR DREAM - is not only about dance, it is also about the wish of every ballerina to have the pointe shoes that fit her the best to support and save the health of feet for a long time. That’s why our famous ballet shoes are handmade from natural materials.

Use Grishko pointe shoe size chart (there’s also info about how to measure your foot correctly) to find out your size, and contact us if you need any help or advice!