Grishko. The Star-Maker

Grishko is the legendary brand of pointe shoes and apparel synonymous with unsurpassed quality for over 30 years. Inspired by the traditions of the Classical ballet and powered by modern-day innovation, we bring you pointe shoes of highest caliber in over 20 different models; the most versatile selection on the market. The brand was created in 1987 by and named after the living legend of Textile and Light industry, Nikolay Grishko. Mr. Grishko is an entrepreneur extraordinaire who draws his inspiration from his wife Tamara Grishko, a dancer and his muse.

At the heart of the ballet world

Our factories are located in the very epicenter of classical ballet, Moscow, a 15-minute trip away from the most esteemed ballet theaters which gives us a unique ability to develop products tailored to dancers’ needs. Our brand is loved by ballet icons all over the world such as the Bolshoi Ballet’s first soloist Anna Tikhomirova and Elizaveta Kokoreva, Principal of the Royal Ballet Akane Takada, Mariinsky Ballet’s Prima Ballerinas Viktoria Tereshkina, Olesya Novikova, Diana Vishneva and many other acclaimed ballet artists.

Our uniforms are worn by numerous highly acclaimed ballet schools - from the Vaganova Academy in Saint Petersburg, and the Bolshoi Ballet Academy in Moscow, to the Kirov Academy in Washington, DC and Master Ballet Academy in Phoenix, Arizona among many, many others.

We are official sponsors of the most prestigious dance competitions in the world such as Youth Grand Prix, World Ballet Competition, Moscow International Ballet Competition, and many more where our products are seen by thousands of contestants, choreographers, academies, and teachers.

Our product: quality and innovation

We produce more than 500,000 pointe shoes and 125,000 garment items yearly that are exported to 82 countries. From American Ballet Theater to the Bolshoi Ballet, from Staatsballett Berlin to the National Ballet of Ukraine our brand is globally recognized for immaculate quality and an innovative approach.

All our shoes are handmade by skilled cobblers, who are true artists and masters of their craft. Each pair has its own unique code indicating the identity of the cobbler and the exact date of when it was made. This vigorous quality control allows us to ensure consistency to provide the best customer experience and help constantly perfect our technology.

Here is a quick guide to our major collections:

With their exquisite designs, unmatched elegance, and variety of silhouettes that caters to any taste, our leotards will dazzle on any stage. The upscale Italian fabrics used in Grishko garments ensure their lasting beauty. These high-tech and luxurious fabrics will keep their form and will not lose their shape or fade after multiple washings.

- Classic Excellence
Classic Excellence Collection is the best uniform range on the market. This collection is available in 17 different colors and 15 different silhouettes - from classical to modern. These premium basics are highly popular with dancers of all levels.

- Grishko Academy
This collection is created by collaborating with world-renowned ballet academies such as The Bolshoi Ballet Academy and Vaganova Academy of Ballet. With every seam perfectly placed and impeccable lines, the teacher can easily observe and correct the student’s movements even during the most intensive exercise.

- Bolshoi Stars
This regal collection features wide range of styles and unsurpassed quality. Sophisticated silhouettes with rich details and a variety of models, inspired by the stars of Bolshoi Theatre who represent creativity and resilience.

- Black Label
This limited-edition lineup turns ballet fashion into works of art. Avant-garde designs are based on paintings by world-famous artists, such as Gustav Klimt. This collection will be loved by bold, daring dancers not afraid to stand out from the crowd.

Why Grishko is a family and how we help our retailers

It is our mission to support local stores and small businesses. To help our retailers to prosper, we provide a variety of tools - high-resolution photos to use in store or online, graphic designs on request, social media features and other marketing tools.

We also have the most expansive range of ambassador programs that help us build a strong brand image both on social media and in the professional world as well as promote our products even further and keep us connected to our dancers. They have an official contract, get regular support from the brand, and participate in the brand events.

Grishko Brand Ambassadors are the first level of our Ambassador Program. We engage professional ballet artists – soloists and principal dancers – as well as promising young talents who inspire hundreds of thousands of ballet lovers all over the world. Our Brand Ambassadors are true icons of dance, winners of most prestigious ballet competitions who have both impeccable ballet technique and strong social media presence.

Together, they promote the Grishko brand and embody our motto - LIVE YOUR DREAM.

NGgeneration is the second level of our Ambassador program. The NGgeneration participants are aspiring dancers chosen for 1 year through an open worldwide contest on Instagram. It’s a community of young talent that’s passionate about dance and Nikolay Grishko's products. They share the same vision as our company, promote the brand on their Social Media and represent it at their schools and every competition they attend. They support each other, grow together, and receive both material and non-material support from Grishko. The NGgeneration participants are also provided a chance to learn from professional dancers during masterclasses, they are offered various scholarships and other amazing opportunities from our partners.

Grishko Market Influencers are the third level of our Ambassador program designed specifically to boost the presence of Grishko in their local store and community. Influencers will always recommend the brand to their friends, classmates and teachers which in turn drives sales at their local store. Each retailer has its own terms of how their Influencers apply to the program. We provide every Influencer with a welcome package and 1 pair of pointe shoes monthly in return for their diligence of posting weekly promoting their local store. The Influencers create engaging content for their store which we regularly feature on our social media platforms - so you can reach an audience of more than 180,000 loyal Grishko followers.

We know when our partners prosper, we prosper too. That is why we see our retailers as part of our family and most trusted friends. We’ll do everything to help you grow and spread our mutual passion for dance!

It takes a legend to make a star … And Grishko is The Star-Maker …